Farewell to Xbox Live Indie Games

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Farewell to Xbox Live Indie Games

Postby Juan1 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:11 pm

Microsoft announced earlier this month that Xbox Live Indie Games service or XBLIG would cease to exist after September 29. To commemorate the passing of the pioneering indie program, I'll endeavor to present some of the XBLIG games I feel are worth purchasing. These games represent my own preferences and may not be the popular or consensus choices.

My Top 13 $3 Games on XBLIG

1. Press X to Not Die - A good and funny FMV game. I love FMV games. Good and lengthy FMV games are hard to find nowadays and this is one of the best FMV indie games on any platform. This game was one of my first choices.

2. One Finger Death Match - A game where you fight waves of enemies on your left and right with either the X or B buttons. This honestly surprised me with its incredible fun gameplay despite its simple mechanics and concept. This game was one of my first choices.

3. Unholy Heights - This game presents a unique blend of tower defense and management sim. I love tower defense games and management sims. This is the highest rated tower defense game on XBLIG. It is rated even higher than the $5 Sol Survivor which is a traditional tower defense game. Unholy Heights was among my second batch of choices.

4. Magicians and Looters - Described as a metroidvania platformer. I love those types of games. This is one of the highest rated platformer games on XBLIG and one of the few metroidvania platformers. Magicians and Looters was in my second batch of choices.

5. Blood and Bacon - A first-person wave shooter. You try to kill waves of monstrous pigs. One of the best looking games on the service. This is the only FPS game on XBLIG that makes shooting massive numbers of enemies feel so satisfying and enjoyable. Other FPS games, particularly zombie games, make shooting such a chore. Maybe its because of the infinite ammo of this game. You don't have to manage your ammo usage. This game was among my second batch of choices.

6. Bleed - This game is a platformer-shooter. I'm not a big fan of this genre but its shooting has twin-stick mechanics and I love twin-stick shooters. The main reason I included this was that it was a consensus critical selection of almost all indie game reviewers and it was fun. This was in my third batch of indie games.

7. Blocks that Matter - A puzzle platformer game, more of puzzle than platformer. I love games like these. One of the highest rated puzzle platformers on the service. I included this in my fifth batch of selected games.

8. Gateways! - Another puzzle platformer but more platformer than Blocks that Matter. Also one of the highest rated puzzle platformers. Also included in the fifth batch of games chosen.

9. Total Miner: Forge - One of the highest rated Minecraft clones on the service but offers more than the other top rated clones. For one thing, it is the only top rated clone to offer four-player local multiplayer. Its gameplay is also modeled after one of the highest rated games on XBLIG, Miner Dig Deep. This game also offers zombies and survival mode. Selected in my sixth batch of games.

10. Diehard Dungeon - A roguelike action-RPG dungeon crawler. Roguelikes are my primary passion. Although I already had a couple of $1 roguelikes, I just had to include this, one of the highest rated roguelikes on the service. This was in my seventh batch of chosen games.

11. Aqua Kitty - A very good-looking Defender type shooter. It has good mechanics and plays well. It offers a campaign. I really like shmups and this was among the best-looking of them. I haven't bought this game at this time but is in my thirteenth batch of games on my list.

12. Avatar Legends 2360 - This is a third-person shooter science-fiction RPG. It offers an 18 mission campaign and you can build your own campaign and missions so it offers infinite replayability for solo players aside from its online multiplayer. Its graphics surpass almost all of the first-person and third-person shooters on XBLIG. It plays better than most of them as well. Even though it is an adventure RPG game, it would rank as one of the best person shooters, whether first or third, on the service. I haven't bought it yet but it's in my fifteenth batch of games I selected.

13. Odyssey 3011 - A space-combat and trading game much like Elite and Privateer. One of the very few games of that type on XBLIG. This genre is one of my favorite types. This game is the best of the few of this genre on the service. I haven't bought Odyssey 3011 yet but it is on my fifteenth batch of selected games.
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